Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ode to the Rogers

This wednesday our friends Kent and Brinn moved back to Montana. Due to a flood in their apartment and a few other unexpected circumstances they decided to move Tuesday at 3 pm and were gone by 1 PM wednesday We were able to help them pack and get in a little quality time:) I had forgotten how good it feels to focus on others needs instead of my own. I am amazed we were able to get everything packed in less than 24 hours! We will miss them but we know they're doing what's best for their family. In honor of their "passing" I wanted to post these cute pictures of their daughter Emma at our house right before we went to Spokane for Christams. She is such a doll and Brad and I have had a great time playing with her and holding her new baby sister Camilla.
I'm grateful for all the friends I have made here in Provo who have come and moved away. But I sure am excited for the day when we no longer live in a college town and people stick around longer!

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Wendy said...

But just think Miranda -- you wouldn't get to know as many people that way.

But I do agree, I wish the people could stick around a little longer.

I'll miss Brinn and her family as well. I was surprised to hear that they moved. Glad that you and Brad were able to help them out so quickly.