Sunday, January 18, 2009


One of our favorite presents from Brad's parents was dinner at the Marrekesh. If you've never been blessed to experience the Marrekesh I'll fill you in. The Marrekesh is the family's favorite Moroccan resturaunt staffed and owned by a very friendly Egyptian fellow. He remembers all the kids and details from previous visits even though ventures are only annually. If you ever go spulrge and get the feast- a delicious five course meal served family style. The food is great but it's all about the experience. Eating with your hands, fighting over the bastilla, making truces to let the food cool before anyone digs in an effort to get your fair share, and listening to stories about Mondo and his life. Not sure why but I love this picture of Zach
Justin and Stephanie
Matt and Emily
Ben and CelesteAnd...
Ang and Cameron didn't end up with a picture of the two of them but we did manage to capture a classic Angela face:)

The whole fam-damily

Our table.. Brad's such a tough guy!

Our table again.. that's more like it

The other table
To your healthUs and Mondo the owner, server, and kitchen help.. "true story"


sleeplessinSeattle said...

Awwwwww. Family traditions are the BEST. It sounds like the Wagners have a good one. It’s funny cause Gary and I were just talking about wanting to have a restaurant be "our place" where we go all the time, and everyone knows us, and we can say "Hey Janis, I'll take the usual..." **sigh**
ps. Brad wants an invite to our blog, but I don't have his email. can you email it to me? :)

Caroline said...

That looks so fun! I have never been but next time I make it to Spokane, I am there!

Bart said...

Wow!!! That was quite the dance ya did on the ice rink Brad, So tell me, Are you preparing for a run on "Dancing With the Stars?"

Pam said...

I was so ELATED when I saw this posted! (when I was lurking) So now I am going public and telling you how awesome it is to have this here with photos posted and to have Mondo's picture with you and Brad, they have been a love at first sight couple as well! I am working on getting the group photo as my desk background. Oh Marv says to have you send the high res version! Will you please send the high rez version of all those other pictures as well? Thanks! LOVE THE BLOGSPOT! You do such a nice job of preserving our favorite memories, thanks! Love ya! Pam