Monday, May 10, 2010

Last of the Christmas Pictures

We also took a few trips to Spokane discount and had a delicious ladies lunch with Aunt Mary and her Mother (Christopher was our honorary chaperone)
Lovely Wagner Ladies

Ice skating New Years Eve was a blast. Oh and the lady in the background DID look that unhappy in person.. poor gal.
We were also able to visit some friends. We must have left our camera at home when we went to the Daines, but it was SO good to see them. Abby and Cooper are adorable. Cooper even took a liking to me it was pretty cute :) Thankfully I remembered to whip out the camera at Baden's to capture this beauty.

Mary is such a sweet heart I love to go visit. But I always feel a little bad because the boys always seem to revert back to middle school. Brad does seem to have that effect on his friends. I'm used to it but I get the impression that side of Baden doesn't come out quite so often :) Sorry Mary!

Puzzling Christmas Fun

We took a whole week off from work and spent the majority of the time just sleeping in and relaxing . It was wonderful. Multiple puzzles were completed. Some worked by Nazi-puzzle rules(no looking at the box) and others of us were proud to find pieces that fit every 10 min or so :) Like Father (Why yes it is Mr. Clean)

Like Son- I always wondered where he learned to make these crazy faces

Even David got in on the action
Big Zach - Little BW. What's your take?

So happy to not be working!

We've been having fun

So I realized we haven't posted this year and the year is nearly half over, it's been crazy! So here's a recap... I started lookin at the pics and realized they required seperate posts so enjoy the flash backs.
Let's start at the very beginning :) Christmas w/ the Wagners. We missed the Plasters but had a great time hanging out with the family and taking a much needed break from work. Momma & Poppa Wags took us to the annual dinner at the Marakesh
(joined above by Mondo the host, cook, server, entertainer, owner etc.)
"The essence of the Markesh"-BWThe real essence of the Marakesh- it's just more fun eating with your hands :)
Ben & Ce-lest/MJ & BWW

Crazy Face

Tryin for a normal picture

My reaction to Brad's crazy faces

Matt & Em

J& Steph -Momma & Poppa Wags

The not-so-little boys Dallin, T-Wags Money Bags & Zach
w/ Mondo
Needless to say things got a little crazy there was some dancing , some text bombing, some herbal tea drinking, and some truce breaking ;) (the bastillo was just too good!). We had a great time. Thanks again Marv and Pam.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Proof we're still alive

Brad's still working out of town tons. Check out that puppy dog shirt! He picked up that gem at a gas station on the road to or from one of his jobs. It has become a designated work shirt (which is JUST fine with me- that way he won't wear it at home!). So consider this picture a view of his company uniform :)
Wish we had more time together but we're grateful he has work. This time last year was a very different story. Below is a picture taken after the WagCo Christmas Party. Aaron & Carrie treated us all to a night at Tuscany. It was nice to have a night on the town and the vanilla bean creme brulee was delish!
Sorry for the lack of posting life like always is crazy. I've been working full time at a drug screening company since September. I basically shuffle papers and do data entry. It's not the MOST exciting job in the world but it's literally two doors down from where we're currently living. I love coming home for lunch and saving tons on gas. In the Fall when Brad was in town we spent weekends at the U of U games. I'm slowly learning to enjoy sports. A month or so ago I found myself watching Sports Beat by myself after a Jazz game... What the?!
In an effort to fill the time this summer when I was searching for a job I started working out with a bunch of people in our neighborhood. A couple in my ward created a Crossfit gym in their garage with some help from other crossfit junkies :) They don't charge a thing just have a donation jar. I've been going since July and love it! I'm still not up to the recommended weight on some of the lifts but I'm defiantely getting stronger. Above is a picture from the 5K some crossfitters ran on Thanksgiving morning. Corrine (far right) had signed up and convinced the rest of us to run with her. It was super cold but I'm SO glad we did it. The race was alot easier than I anticipated and there's been talk of training for a 10 K. I'm still working on the motivation to get up and run by myself but you'll definately see a post if that dream ever comes to fruition :)

Anywhoo I figured you'd all like to know we're alive and well. We're gearing up for Christmas and a week in Spokane starting Christmas night. We're both pretty darned excited. Happy Holidays to You!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sports Sports Sports!

Sorry in advance for the lack of pictures. We managed to attend 2 Jazz games and a U of U game this week without any pictures... Our friends had free tickets to the Jazz game on Monday and invited us it was tons of fun- minus the fact that the Jazz can't seem to win a fourth quarter! We stopped by Stoneground after the game and everyone present can attest to how much I enjoyed the chicken pesto pizza( I'm still talking about it!) Of course we watched every other weeknight ball game. Saturday rolled around and we had U tickets (they won! at least one Utah team can!) followed by another pair of free Jazz tickets thanks to Brad's cousin Jordan. The Jazz lost again.. we're starting to think we're bad luck- they lost the only game we didn't attend this week! This week was definately fun, you can ask Brad I yell with the best of them at the Jazz games, but I am defiantely had enough games for a while! Brad keeps telling me he's just conditioning me for all our kids games :O) I told him since I'll be attending so many games I definately need one of those portable cushioned bleacher seats... we'll see how that goes:) Just wanted you all to know we're alive and well and having lots of fun.

Monday, November 2, 2009


It may have been a day or two after that I carved this pumpkin and it may have been a few months before Halloween that I took the picture with my caveman costume, but hey, it counts for something.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Game...BLACKOUT

We went to the game. It was sweet. Brad's parents were in town and came to the game too. Utes won! We were lame and no one took a single picture of us at game or at all while Marv and Pam were here, not at any of the get togethers.... Marv took one of the field at the game.... what can we say.