Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sports Sports Sports!

Sorry in advance for the lack of pictures. We managed to attend 2 Jazz games and a U of U game this week without any pictures... Our friends had free tickets to the Jazz game on Monday and invited us it was tons of fun- minus the fact that the Jazz can't seem to win a fourth quarter! We stopped by Stoneground after the game and everyone present can attest to how much I enjoyed the chicken pesto pizza( I'm still talking about it!) Of course we watched every other weeknight ball game. Saturday rolled around and we had U tickets (they won! at least one Utah team can!) followed by another pair of free Jazz tickets thanks to Brad's cousin Jordan. The Jazz lost again.. we're starting to think we're bad luck- they lost the only game we didn't attend this week! This week was definately fun, you can ask Brad I yell with the best of them at the Jazz games, but I am defiantely had enough games for a while! Brad keeps telling me he's just conditioning me for all our kids games :O) I told him since I'll be attending so many games I definately need one of those portable cushioned bleacher seats... we'll see how that goes:) Just wanted you all to know we're alive and well and having lots of fun.


Lexi said...

Yay for sports games! He is definitely breaking you in quickly for all your kids' games. I'm going to laugh when you get a padded bleacher seat for Christmas. :)

Lexi said...

So now that you're preparing for your kids' games, when are the kids going to start coming?? ;)

Pam said...

Sounds like you have learned that ball games aren't such a bad deal! I decided that being with my husband doing whatever he liked was lots of fun! Glad that you have too! I LOVE going and watching the kids play. I am actually sad about Zach almost being done! BUT David should fill in the gap real soon here! Its so fun to see their happiness and progress! Love ya!