Monday, May 10, 2010

Last of the Christmas Pictures

We also took a few trips to Spokane discount and had a delicious ladies lunch with Aunt Mary and her Mother (Christopher was our honorary chaperone)
Lovely Wagner Ladies

Ice skating New Years Eve was a blast. Oh and the lady in the background DID look that unhappy in person.. poor gal.
We were also able to visit some friends. We must have left our camera at home when we went to the Daines, but it was SO good to see them. Abby and Cooper are adorable. Cooper even took a liking to me it was pretty cute :) Thankfully I remembered to whip out the camera at Baden's to capture this beauty.

Mary is such a sweet heart I love to go visit. But I always feel a little bad because the boys always seem to revert back to middle school. Brad does seem to have that effect on his friends. I'm used to it but I get the impression that side of Baden doesn't come out quite so often :) Sorry Mary!


Monica McCoy said...

Miranda, your hair is so stinkin' cute! Thanks for a blog update!

Lexi said...

Yay for an update! I'm so glad to know you guys are still alive. ;) And I have to agree with Monica. Your hair is so stinkin' cute in these pictures! I love it.

Pam said...

Poor Mary! Or should I say poor Baden? LOL~ I"ll just leave it alone! Yes it's true, though you think it's their Middle school day's, it's more like their High School days, but we'll just give them the dignity that it's from Middle school days! LOL

Fun memories, thanks for sharing them! Thanks for making them! And yes I agree, I did and still do love that hair style on ya Miranda!

Thanks for taking such excellent care of BW! I LOVE YA FOR IT! :)

Baden Fox said...

Miranda I love the hair also. But especially mine and really especially Brad's. I just have to say wowsas!!

It would have been fun to see you guys a few weeks back. Please call the next time you're in town. Brad is my only escape to the special place I like to call: Mr. Bo Jangles and the hop day hoola!

Justin said...

Are you guys still alive? Whats happening to us?!!!