Monday, May 10, 2010

We've been having fun

So I realized we haven't posted this year and the year is nearly half over, it's been crazy! So here's a recap... I started lookin at the pics and realized they required seperate posts so enjoy the flash backs.
Let's start at the very beginning :) Christmas w/ the Wagners. We missed the Plasters but had a great time hanging out with the family and taking a much needed break from work. Momma & Poppa Wags took us to the annual dinner at the Marakesh
(joined above by Mondo the host, cook, server, entertainer, owner etc.)
"The essence of the Markesh"-BWThe real essence of the Marakesh- it's just more fun eating with your hands :)
Ben & Ce-lest/MJ & BWW

Crazy Face

Tryin for a normal picture

My reaction to Brad's crazy faces

Matt & Em

J& Steph -Momma & Poppa Wags

The not-so-little boys Dallin, T-Wags Money Bags & Zach
w/ Mondo
Needless to say things got a little crazy there was some dancing , some text bombing, some herbal tea drinking, and some truce breaking ;) (the bastillo was just too good!). We had a great time. Thanks again Marv and Pam.

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