Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Years Eve

It's been forever since I've posted. I've been enjoying all of YOUR blogs and decided I'd stop being just a consumer:)
We spent Christmas and New Years in Spokane and had a great time. These catch up posts will be out of order but yall can figure it out.

To start out the evening we went to Flaming Joes to watch the Gonzaga- Utah basketball game. I was pretty bummed(I"ll admit I wasn't too charming) to be watching sports but the boysenberrry boneless buffalo wings put me in a good mood. If you're ever in Spokane stop by... seriously I'm still craving them! After Flaming Joes we went to Riverfront Park with Justin and Stephanie for some ice skating.
Justin and Steph showed off their sweet skills. They're pretty much profesh :)
The hot chocolate we broughtwas aweseome! It totally hit the spot and we all guzzled it down.
Spokane's First Night celebrations were going on so skate rental was free which was a fabulous suprise. About an hour after we started skating they had everyone clear the ice and it turned out a guy had fallen down and got sliced in the head with a skate..ouch! Needless to say as we sat on the bleachers and waited we had PLENTY of time for pictures.
I LOVE my new sister in-law Stephanie and really enjoyed spending some time with her. This is a personal blog so I'll gush :) Steph is super down to earth, very mature, has a great sense of humor, tons of fun, patient, loving, and just plain beautiful! It's hard for me not to to compare myself to these awesome Wagner women and get down, but I sure am glad for their example and truly appreciate their patience with me!

We figured an hour of skating was just perfect and head to Justin and Steph's to ring in the year with a rousing game of ticket to ride:)

I'm learning that life is never perfect and it doesn't have to be to be wonderful.


Wendy said...

Miranda -- whatever -- you're BEAUTIFUL TOO!! You are talented and you are smart, you learn quickly and your very sincere, and make great efforts to really be friendly === give yourself some credit already.

Don't try to compare yourself to everyone else. It doesn't work. Just know that your husband loves you and thinks your beautiful. That's all that matters.

As for the ice skating, I've never gone but would like to, but I'm too scared. So I'm glad that you were able to have that way.

sleeplessinSeattle said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun!
p.s. I love your hat in those pictures
p.p.s. I agree with the last post, you are amazing Miranda!!!

Pam said...

Well I MUST AGREE with the last TWO posts, MIRANDA IS DEFINITELY AMAZING! I should know, she married Brad, anyone who is willing to take him off my hands, IS AMAZING! AND TO KEEP HIM Twiterpated, now that's Amazing! He demands lots of fun and excitement in his life, SO keeping up with, and tolerating BW is IMPRESSIVE, so definitely she is top of the list for me!

Loved the pictures of your fun evening skating, and capturing one of Brad's finest moments was awesome! Justin and Stephanie however, are all about stripping you of your title, so watch out, they regularly work out on the ice rink together, so I"m thinking next time, I want to see a "skate-off!" Danelle LOVED having you all come for NYE as well, she makes comments from time to time about how enjoyable you both are! Thanks for sharing your night and thoughts with us! I am so lucky to have you as one of my girls! Love ya! Pam