Sunday, January 25, 2009

I love to eat...

No really I LOVE to eat. Maybe that's why the only pictures I have from Christmas are from the times we went out to eat. But regardless I figured I'd share a few more pics from spokane.

For our girls activity we decided on lunch a cafe rio imitation (cafe chulo???) and using the parifin waxer we got as a group gift for Christmas. (In case you were wondering the bottom of those wax warmers are hot and if you place your whole palm on it, it WILL burn you. And you might jerk your hand out and spray hot wax all over the kitchen.. and your mother in-law. Not that I know from personal experience or anything.:)) Anyways the food was actually pretty good. But for me nothing matches a cafe rio sweet pork salad with extra meat shared with Brad. For some reason when we share it just tastes better. We managed to get some cute pictures with all the girls minus Celeste. This is proof of the wrath I experienced during Christmas.:) Who knew it would come from a source so stinkin cute. At the beginning of the week Jaycie wanted nothing to do with me and even pushed me away when I rested my head on Brad's shoulder while he held her. I'm not talking mild dislike, I'm talking two hands to the eyes pushing me away as hard as possible. She's quite possesive of uncle Brad. She warmed up a little after I fed her treats everytime I picked her up. By the end of the trip I was far from her #1 pick but she decided it was fun to tease me and at very least I was good for getting her candy. Baby steps.. babysteps....Jaycie and Aunt Emily
Thanks for the "birthday" lunch Pam we had a great time:)


Emily said...

Thanks for posting these! I still need to try and get a cd from Brad and Ang of all the pictures they took in Spokane. For now I'll settle for little glimpses here and there.

Pam said...

I need to apologize for "LURKING"! I came across this, my heart melted, I was so happy that you had blogged this, and done such a great job! I just about died laughing at the photo of "Little Miss I don't like Miranda!" It was fun to remember her harassing you. I don't think I would of truly believed it totally IF I hadn't been there in person and saw for myself! I even showed your blog to my friend the other day, I was showing her what was out there and available, so I showed her "the kids blogspots" her favorite things that I showed her were the 2 video's of BW's, the one from the wedding, and the Iceskating one! When her son came home, he's Brad's age, we had to show the video's to him, he laughed and said, "Brad is the only one I know that can pull that off!" I appreciate your efforts in blogging and totally enjoy them, I will NEVER lurk on your site again! I hope you will forgive me! Love ya! Pam