Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sullivan Christmas Party

I finally made it safely to Spokane on Friday and we've been having an awesome time! Nothin like eight kids plus their kids and spouses:) On Saturday Brad's parents ward had a Santa breakfast despite thinking it started an hour later we enjoyed a fabulous breakfast, the primary's musical numbers..(never seen a string quartet in primary.. wow!) and even managed to get some pictures with santa. The sister minus stephanie who was bringing home the bacon

All the kiddies, Lucy and Jaycie were not interested in looking at the camera (the babies) and Benson is trying so hard not to be scared. The personalities in these kids could not be more different.

The ladies have had a great time crafting and shopping, the boys have been enjoying watching football and using Marv's super sweet snow blower, and the whole fam-damily has had a blast playing wii, putting together puzzles, eating tons of delicious food and treats, sledding in the backyard and watching brad use the sledding ramp as a ski jump.

no promises but I'll work on posting some sweet pictures of the above mentioned pictures and then some. Just wanted you all to know I got here safely and we're having a blast

(miss you J ans Mons!)


Monica McCoy said...

I miss you guys too!!! Miranda, you look way cute. So, there is a young woman in my ward named... mEranda. I think about you all the time and how your name is spelled better.

Diana said...

It sounds so fun!! How long are you going to be there? We still need to plan possibly meeting in Ellensburg.

Caroline said...

You look so pretty in the top pic. You fit right in! Go Wagner ladies!