Saturday, October 11, 2008

love it

Weird but I just had to share. All of you who have been to my home know it's not quite as clean as I'd like it. I have been scrubbing the toliet for months now to get the toliet ring out but no amount of elbow grease prevailed. And then I bought this magic bottle.
This is what house wives dreams are made of!


David and Wendy Pendergrass said...

So wishing I had access to this fabulous sounding product! The stroller brand was Chicco and the style was Cortina. Great stroller, but not the easiest to transport. SOme strollers are lighter and fold up better, but other than that I have really loved the purchase.

Bart said...

Wow!!! That's way cool that Brad Suprised ya on your aniversary and as far as the Bulgarian is concerned, Good luck with that one I'll Stick to trying to learn good old espaniol thank you very much!!! I also need to come and see your house sometime too!!!