Saturday, October 11, 2008

Conference and Български (Bulgarian)

This is the second year Brad has been able to interpret for General Conference. I am soo proud of him. This has been a dream of his and I'm do proud of himfor achieving it! Since he's no longer working at the MTC and speaking the language every day he was a little nervous but he did a fabulous job. After the Sunday afternoon session we were invited to a Bulgarian dinner thanks to Ivan and his lovely momma! The food was delish. I was extra brave and when I got called on to pray I prayed in Bulgarian! ok more like 1/2 and 1/2 but Brad was really proud and everyone was pretty surprised. I've really enjoyed the little Bulgarian I've picked and as Justin can attest I just use the few words I know all the time but it's a start. I would love to be fluent but learning it isn't all that plausible when my guide to the language is states away. Pronunciation through the phone sure is fun though!

I love that Brad has been able to make to so many friends and so many cool opportunities beacause of his mission. And I'm so grateful that all the Bulgarians I have met have been so gracious and helped me to learn and use the few phrases I do know!

Here's a picture of the interpreting team. Notice the tiny room they're in, that's where all the magic happens!


Monica said...

I do miss hearing the Bulgarian in you. I am so happy about the massages for you guys. Brad told us that was what you guys were doing for the big day. I knew you would love it!

David and Wendy Pendergrass said...

So jealous about your anniversary! Those massages sound awesome and I am very proud of you for praying in Bulgarian. I have been living in Korea for over 2 months and still don't know if I could say a good prayer. Well I can say I am thankful for a few things, but asking for blessings is just beyond me.