Sunday, November 2, 2008

November 1st Fun

What a fantastic way to start the new month. (Brad is typing this post which will more than likely become blatantly obvious...) I started the day by playing basketball at the church for a couple hours. While so doing my brother in law Matt (Rogers) I have two Matt in laws; calls me and says he's got tickets to see the very first Real Salt Lake playoff game ever and in the new stadium AND the seats are right next to his and my sister's season ticket seats. When I got back from basketball I told Miranda we could go but only if she let me clean for the next three hours before we left :)

We got up there running a hair late and did a nifty drive by hand off the tickets maneuver with Matt and Emily on our way to parking. We entered the stadium only two minutes into the match and I felt like I'd just entered the quidditch World Cup, drums banging, streamers flying, (later) confetti flying, red and blue smoke bombs through the air, fireworks shooting off. I later found out this was actually the Chivas USA diehard fans who, it appears didn't really care who won they just wanted to make noise and cause excitement. I enjoyed it. As some of you may well know the match was scoreless till the 90th min. but there were many moments of pure adrenalin and excitement that had us on our feet and screaming sophisticated adults. Miranda and I left with our two little souvenir towels for the game in the 87th min to beat the traffic. We were still in the parking lot and watched on the Jumbotron as REAL scored the winning goal in the 90th min. As I recall Miranda did a celebratory dance of sorts. Thanks Matt and Emily.

After beating the traffic and getting to Miranda's parents house to pick up her father to go to her mother's choir performance in the Tabernacle downtown we realized that in the excitement of the game we hadn't taken a single picture!! So here's the best we could do.
We quickly changed and made it downtown for the performance; which was truly enjoyable. I also had my first chance to drive Bryan's (Miranda's Dad) cool new kneeling minivan, a very sweet little machine with many a gagdet. (this is the part where I'm not sure why this is underlining everything and can't figure out how to get it off. It seems like a link thing but I can't undue it. so enjoy! Here is a picture of us at the tabernacle after the performance.

We then went out to dinner with Miranda's parents and her brother and sister in law Matt (Carroll) and Stacy at the Olive Garden. We must make mention that Bob? (not sure on the name) but the server at the downtown location with long hair back in a pony tail and facial hair is one of the best servers around. Very attentive and all that super cool stuff. Thanks Bob.

What completed the day was the Jazz winning by a hefty margin, the Utes pulling out a close win. Thanks to text updates from Matt (Rogers) and my Dad, thanks guys. BYU did also win but it's still hard to say I'm glad they did, even for the conference sake I always find myself delighting in their misfortune and hoping for the to lose the close ones... what can I say I was raise a UTE...or should I say Anti-Cougar-Running-Ute. BYU did have my semi-support until they lost. I was hoping for an undefeated showdown at the end of the season...they ruined it.

Matt (Rogers) and I have tickets to the TCU UTAH game this thursday and I will most definately be posting. I may even remember to take a picture or two this time at the actual game.


Angela said...

Sounds like so much fun! Glad you had a good time with Matt and Emily at the game, we hope to go with them to the game in LA this weekend!

Angela said...

Glad to hear you were "semi" supporting BYU...I'm wearing you down!

Angela said...

You talking about going to the Olive Garden reminds me of a certain birthday of yours and trying to go out to eat there....but someone couldn't find the restaurant....that was an adventerous night!

Angela said...

Okay, is that enough comments?!? I'm running out of things to comment on....

David and Wendy Pendergrass said...

I love to read your adventures! We truly miss you guys! Sounds like a fun one.

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