Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm changing....slowly

Ever had one of those weeks where you bomb two tests, in an attempt to shape up you seem to eat everything in view and then some, can't seem to achieve your goals, spend 20+ hours on the computer doing who knows what and some how stumble upon blogs of the beautiful women in your ward who seem so "perfect" and get lost in the rut of comparing yourself.....

Don't worry I do :) This is that week. Despite the poor time management I'm pretty proud of myself. A previous me would have broken down in tears this week but thanks to my wonderful hubby I'm learning to let a few more things roll off my back. I am learning to be patient with myself, and try to remind myself where I was 5 years ago...(a sophmore in high school for all those who are dying to know) and how much I've grown since then, and how far I will progress in the next five years.

Instead of getting stuck on all the things I do "wrong" I want to focus on a few of the things I am proud of: chosing not to be upset when brad missed his flight, making a delicious dinner on Monday and having everything cleaned up before our guests even left, playing some mean nertz, taking two tests, waking up at six to study(NOT a morning person... doesn't even run in my genes, yes I used to have a morning job- that is an evidence of true love),working out 2 times, completed D&C and Family Finance homework on time, have written all the papers for my Judaism and the gospel class and Aced the midterm!, I talked to my niece Aubrielle on the phone (didn't necessarily make me proud but needs to be included in the list of things that made me happy)

It's so easy to see what's wrong but I know it's all a matter of what we're looking for. Sometimes I just have to remind myself. This post is totally just for me but I appreciate that I have some place express myself when my loving hubby is miles from home.


Monica McCoy said...

YAY Miranda! I am so glad that you are doing well. Two workouts that is impressive. It may have motivated em to go walking today. Keep up the change! I know it must stink not having Brad.

Matt and Stacy said...

You may have missed out on having Immediate sisters, but think of all the fun sisters you've gained through marriage!
We didn't really "pick" the colors for the baby room. We just aren't repainting it from how it was when we moved in. Its actually the best paint job in the entire house! And we figure the brown and green works well for boys or girls. Then I have a winnie the pooh collection that matches the colors nicely and, again, works well for both boys and girls.
And thanks for taking Matt to the game, he is super psyched! I'm always up for a girl's day! Just let me know when.

Angela said...

Wow, you got a ton done! And I'm way impressed that you didn't get mad at Brad for missing his flight, that takes a lot of self-control. (I should know, I lived with him for 18 years and know how challenging it can be:) Anyway, hang in there. There really is no such thing as a "perfect" lady, they are just usually better at hiding their faults than the rest of us :) Can't wait to see you at Christmas!