Friday, May 15, 2009

If only for mons..

Ok so I've been selfish religiously checking everyone elses blog and hoping for updates without sharing.. I'll just give you a quick..(ok so I finished and this isn't exactly quick) update about what's new with us and upload some pics later. We're renting out the top of our house for the summer and living in my parents basement apartment to try to save some cabbage. Our current renters in the basement(who are amazing) are waiting to hear back about where he will be working next year and we're keeping our fingers crossed they'll stay through the end of the summer.

The semester finished about a month ago and things have been crazy. I'm still working at the Skyroom while I look for a job up north. We've moved most of our things to my parents but have been taking stuff a little at a time. Brad has been working on some remodels, doing some flooring with another buddy, and even learning more electrical. Basically he's been working odd hours here and there.. you know Brad style :)

We're doing some fix ups before our renters move in.. namely the shower will have walls, and the upstairs will also have walls. Brad did the demolition today and being the supportive wife that I am I'm staying up with him and using the computer. Brad put in some laminate hardwood style flooring in our dining room last week he got free from a job and it looks tons better. We also have painted the kitchen (a BIG thank you to Lexi and Jeaannene for all your help and motivation... and encouragement!) and I worked on finishing up the cabinets tonight. It's been really nice to make some progress even if it has been slow.

My sister in-law Stacy had a beautiful baby girl April 1st. My mom's first grand baby. We haven't bee able to spend much time with the cutie but hopefully when we get more settled we can see her more often. Brad's brother Justin and his wife Stephanie were in town this past weekend and we had a great time hanging out with them and playing Mexican horse shoes at Matt and Emily's. We've also been enjoying ourselves at Brad's uncle Craig's. We've spent four evenings there in the last two months. I've had a great time getting to know the family better and have had such a fun time playing cards and playing with the little girls. We helped Lexi and Allan pack up and move to Texas for the summer.... to say the least things have been crazy!

Brad's been playing alot more ball and I've had a really good time watching him. I've worked out a deal with my mom that I cook a few nights a week and she pays for the groceries I use, it's been really fun. I love to cook and have found some new favorite recipes. Brad's headed to Florida for two weeks so that's good news.. (strange how time and money changes one's perspective). We're hoping to get most of the shower done before he leave on Sunday so..... as always we have "Dreams, big dreams!" and are livin the rollercoaster of life. Sorry for bein so absent we'll try to keep you filled in on our latest adventures.


Monica McCoy said...

FANTABULOUS! I wish we could come see the house. I bet it looks awesome. Good luck with the job hunting. It sounds like things are working out with the renters and such. I hope we can see you this summer! THanks for the update.

Diana said...

Miranda, it is good to hear whats new in your life! You two are such hard workers, I am (as always) impressed. When are you guys heading up to Spokane next? You should come up this summer and we can all go camping!

Angela said...

Wow, your shower will actually have walls?!? Prove it. JK. How is it that I had heard nothing about this until today? I guess I just need to snoop more often :) That sounds like a great set up though, let us know how all the projects go and be sure to take some pics so we can admire all your hard work!