Monday, August 11, 2008

California Benefits

The store we're currently working at is about an hour from the Plasters we stopped by for dinner and Ang sent us home with Monster cookies. Have I mentioned I love brad's family?! Then they were kind enough to drive and visit us here are some pictures from the pool fun, Denny's dinner and night jaunt (right before work) to a park where the boys checked out the frolf course and the ladies enjoyed the swings.
What an adorable Family.

How cute is Benson's smile?

BW really did have a good time :) We love Denny Dinners

This face made me laugh! What a goof ball.

Benson had a great time climbing on the booths, he is a true boy through and through. He even demonstrated his baseball skills when we visited their apartment.

Even Jaycie Grace had a good time at Denny's

What a cute mother daughter shot.

We loved hanging out! I'm so grateful I married into such a wonderful family. The Wagner women give me such a great example to follow and are great friends.

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Emily said...

I'm totally jealous! It's good to hear that you enjoy us crazy Wagner women, oh wait maybe I'm the only crazy one.....