Monday, July 28, 2008

Bobaloca...Sweet Chewy Goodness

Not Jamba Juice....really, it isn't. So we were driving along and we see this place called Bobaloca. Miranda asks what it was and I said that it looked liked Jamba Juice. So we went in and ordered fruit smoothies. In great anticipation we did wait. As the first one was finished the set it on the counter and Miranda asked ....What is that at the bottom of the cup?? So I says to the gal, aw, that's just the cup design. Well...yeah it wasn't. My first clue was when Hyrum took a drink and that g0t this surprised in a not so pleasant fashion look on his face. BOBA it was ....I must say though if you've ever wanted gummy bears in your smoothie, have we found you the place to go.... :) I'll let Wiki take it from here.
The distinctive characteristics of bubble tea are the black gummy balls made of tapioca (or, more commonly in East Asia, yam starch[citation needed]), called "pearls" or "balls" that sit at the bottom of the cup. The pearls are larger than those found in tapioca pudding, with a diameter of at least 6 millimeters, but smaller ones are occasionally used. They are generally translucent brown with a darker brown center, although pearls of other colors or 'jelly cubes' have also recently become available.

When ordering, customers may be asked whether they want "pearls" or "boba" in their drinks; both terms refer to the tapioca balls. The tapioca pearls require an hour for preparation, and they expand considerably when cooked. After they are cooked through but before they become too soft, the pearls are drained and poured into a sugar-water solution, and are ready for use.

Drinking the pearls through a straw is common, usually a large diameter straw is provided to accommodate the particular size of the pearls. A common error for the inexperienced consumer of the beverage is to empty the container of fluid before all of the pearls are consumed, thus making it difficult or impossible to collect the pearls with sufficient vacuum using a straw.

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