Wednesday, June 4, 2008

As many as you know Brad's been out of town working for his cousin installing store shelfing, I recently joined him in California and am now working with him.... installing shelfing. Thus far it's been an interesting experience. There are a few things I wasn't expecting/ didn't realize:

1. The affect of so much testoterone in one place, I'm missin you Mons!
2. Discovery of muscles I never knew I had
3. I enjoy ripping things apart
4. How much the guys enjoyed me wielding a sledge hammer - even the electricians stopped to comment
5. Spending 4 hrs in traffic can be worth it to see family, and even some what enjoyable.
6. How hard Brad works doing this job to support me. He's such a great husband!!!

Yesterday we hitched a ride to Angela's house and then ended up having her drop us back in
Ontario . The only problem- they were on their way to utah for a wedding where they are going to hand off aubrielle and benson until Justin's wedding. Needless to say their mini van was packed with 3 car seats four adults and a months worth of luggage.

The above mentioned situation. Jaycie's even looking!

Before Ang and Cameron dropped us off we had dinner together at Denny's. Cameron put a dogers hat on Jaycie and she rocked it almost all dinner.

Dinner's lots of fun with these guys.

What a cutie!


Monica said...

Very nice! Now I can llok forward to blog updates from you guys. Make sure to tell Brad "What the Heck" about the shoes. Miss ya much

Pam said...

TOTALLY ENJOYED THE PHOTO'S and comments! Thanks so much! LOVE THE SHOES! He better get some security device on them while he's in Spokane, Tyler will definately be all over those bad boys, or at least show BW his competition!, Ya does BW have hoodies to match those shoes? Well Tyler will take you on! :)

~W E N D Y ~ said...

Miranda -- I didn't know that you were gone too!! I still have your pan, so you'll have to let me know when you get back. Hope that you are having fun, and how long will you be there?

The Osborns said...

Love the update!! That's really cool that you two get to work together to earn some cash-o-la. Enjoy this time together! As I'm sure you are doing!!