Friday, January 11, 2008

Gotta start somewhere.

Well I've just read my sisters blog from the holidays and I thunked to myself "hmm, gotta get me one of thems", which I've done. I hope to share some of the BMW way of life and activities with you from Provo. (Don't worry, still a UTE fan :)
Sidenote: this has nothing to do with the fact that I should be working on my english class that I'm taking from Independent Studies at BYU and I'm just procrastinating...oh no..hmm mm no ma'am.


The Osborns said...

Good to see you have entered the cult! It's a little joke about the three years- in a movie this couple is celebrating their 30th and the husband says he looks forward to the next 30. We watched it like 2 days before our anniversary so I thought it'd be funny... guess you have to be ben to understand that one. sorry for the confusion

Emily said...

wow, I just found this, I think I may be the last one in the family to get a blog, but that might be changing soon.

Pam said...

WOW "I" Just found this! I'm AMAZED that I even found it, since I wasn't even looking for it!!! NO EMILY, YOU won't be the LAST to get a blog spot..... :) BUT if it means I can use it for an excuse to not work on Visiting Teaching route changes.....MAYBE I'll do one!!!! :)

Toby and Tammy said...

Brad has a blog!?!?!? Love it. Come and say hi sometime.